somehow I missed these pages

Dec 14 2010 Published by under poetry

what do you do with those blank pages in a notebook, lab book, or journal? Not the ones at the beginning or end, but the pages you accidentally miss while writing, or skip when they stick together. Do you go back and use them for something else or just let them lie empty?

somehow I missed these pages
nestled in a mountain of thoughts
two blank pages that appear
in the heart of the furor
blank and waiting

a pause, lull in the ringing sound
a moment without movement
an empty page, not the beginning
nor the end of the journey
but a moment forgotten, ignored

how many blank pages are there?
prolonged moments of sublime nothing
between the rise and the fall
these empty pages are a testament
to all those moments that leave no mark

a child on the street, begging for coins
a glass of scotch among old friends
the ticket taker on the train
or the quiet taxi driver.
moments that mean nothing, but are everything.

I shall fill these empty pages
with moments from the void
that were, but are never remembered.

2 responses so far

  • I think of these pages not as moments that happened and were forgotten, but as moments that could have happened, but never did.

    In any event, I put a big X through the page.

  • Zuska says:

    Those pages have always bothered me, like a mistake I made, something I overlooked or missed doing. Thanks for giving me another way to think about them.