Failboat Bay

Dec 19 2011 Published by under photography, poetry

Failboats at rest

Failboats at rest

Some of you following me on Twitter have no doubt experienced the wonder that is Failboat Bay. Failboat Bay is a small, no-so-safe harbor near my house where abandoned boats tend to accumulate, run aground, and rot. Not all the boats are actually abandoned. Many are the result of unwary captains failing to realize that the bay is very shallow, subject to high winds, and full of so many derelicts that it is impossible to navigate - lets call is a recreational boaters graveyard. To further chronicle the adventures of Failboat Bay, I've created a small photoblog - Failboat Bay - to document some of the more magnificent wrecks.

These boats are a haunting reminder of the power of the sea. They were people's dreams, pleasures, and, in some cases, homes, and now they are left to rot, unsalvageable, in this deadly bay.

Failboat Bay

Beneath the wrack of a rubbish-line beach,
where derelicts rest at their end,
once proud, now bound by mud,
the long, sucking

But from
their rust
and rot
soaked hulls
a sound.

The sound
of a thousand
crawling, clawing, creatures,
when lives rise from forgotten planks
to feed on the wrack where derelicts lie.

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  • tideliar says:

    Nice on mate.

    so, Failboat bay - I know nothing about boating... these boats are just abandoned? No version of AAA to help out?

    • Andrew Thaler says:

      For the most part, they're all abandoned. Owners are supposed to dispose of them properly, but they often just scratch off the registration numbers and walk away.